Leaping on Leap Day

The notion of an extra day makes me leap out of happiness. Holmes wraps make me leap. 65 degree weather makes me leap. So naturally, Brandon took a picture of me leaping over my Holmes wrap outside.

Naturally, I also wrote this:

Ode to The Leap Day

Do not dismay o’ wonderful leap day,

I used you for more than writing an essay

Time is your present

And I made sure mine was well spent

Getting one more Holmes wrap than I will get next year!

You truly are a day of great cheer!

And it wasn’t stuffed with just any kind of meat,

thanks to you I got to eat more of a real treat:

Fennel and Garlic Roasted Lamb!

(And now I’m going to use you to study for my next exam).


One Comment on “Leaping on Leap Day”

  1. Sally M. Gall says:

    So glad you’re leaping
    while you are eating
    or you’ll soon be saddled
    with a great big middle!

    And yes, happy Leap Day!

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